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  • 1.  What did you like about today's activities and searches on the LOC?

    I enjoyed having a guest speaker that turned us on to another resource, and I liked having time to explore the LOC site.

    2.  What could you use in your classroom or how could you adopt something you did for use in you classroom?

    I found a great resource called "Contagion" from the Harvard Medical School via NARA that dealt with my unit on the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793 in Philly.

    3.  What should we add or change for the next class?

    Not much, but if I was to quibble it would be more time with fellow students swapping ideas.

  • 1. Scavenger hunt allowed for more exploration of LOC site.  The NARA presentation was good; another good avenue for primary sources. Sharing of book use ideas was good. Looking at and discussing the copyright issues was good.

    2. The docs teach feature on the NARA site is useful, and the ARS documents and access to them on the ning is great!

    3. Have a printed agenda somewhere - online, on the board, or on paper.  Something so that the day is mapped out for the students.

  • 1.  I plan to use the political cartoon activity and really liked the form you provided us.  I also liked the NARA presentation and hope to use the docsteach.org site in my classroom.  It was helpful to have big chunks of time to work on the ARS as well.  

    2.  I can use political cartoon activity and also the scavenger hunt (modified for 8th graders).  I think I am going to try to create an activity using the NARA page.  I like the teacher toolbox on the NARA site to help with research.

    3.  More comfortable chairs and

  • I like the tutorial modules and the Scavenger Hunt.  They really set in concrete for me how and where to find things.

    I would use the LOC Scavenger Hunt to introduce my students to the site and help them prepare for a research project.

    Have us do the modules on the first day as the last activity after introducing the website.

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