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  • I just want to thank all of you who took the course.  You have provided Keith and I with wonderful feedback about how to help teachers use the LOC more effectively. I hope you all have a great summer.

  • 1.  What did you like about today's activities and searches on the LOC?

    It wasn't in relation to the LOC, but rather the National Archives.  I'd never thought of using their services to search for government documents.  Having that introduction to a potential new source will be a tremendous asset to future projects.

    2.  What could you use in your classroom or how could you adopt something you did for use in you classroom?

    For me, the passion to teach came from a select few instructors who made history interesting.  I think that by integrating primary sources from the LOC, it will be possible to help inspire others by allowing history to come alive through the use of those documents or artifacts.

    3.  What should we add or change for the next class?

    I liked how the class was broken into groups to research a topic and present to the class as a whole.  Adding another set like that to present each day would help break the learning environment up and make it even more interesting.


    Keith and Stephanie... I had a wonderful time in your class and learned a lot about the Library.  I've attempted to search it before for documents without success.  I will most definitely be able to use what I've learned and envision passing it on to others in the future.  Thanks!


    I liked the review of copyright law and fair use of materials, as well as Robin Dexter's informative presentation on NARA's resources and how they differ from those of LOC.  I also appreciated having extra time to search and explore LOC.

    I enjoyed the scavenger hunt and would adapt/use the activity to familiarize others with holdings on the LOC website.  Working with a partner was fun.

    Showing the video "tour" of the LOC at the beginning of the class session would be a good introduction.  The class was interesting and organized well with a nice variety of individual and group activities.

  • 1.  I appreciated going more into depth on how some lessons have been generated around the website resources (that is, the activities that we did in groups).  These activities helped me get thinking a bit more about what to use the resources.  I also liked seeing how to access/ use political cartoons, which is especially useful for what I do.  I thought the way that we did the activity with the political cartoon about education and U.S. territories gives me good ideas for having students practice analysis and do a "close reading" of a historical image.

    2. I think that there is a lot there that would be useful for me to help generate ways to promote critical thinking and analysis of historical resources.  I am especially always trying to find ways to integrate writing with analysis of historical primary sources.  I am continually looking for ways to have students practice writing and analysis with historical content, and I felt that there would be a lot of good ideas to build on here.

    3.  I would suggest a bit more of an overview of the Library of Congress website upfront.  I, for one, wasn't really familiar with it at all.  There were, though, a lot of good opportunities for learning how to use the website through the course of the two days.

  • 1. I liked the scavenger hunt. Today's searches of political cartoons was interesting. I am a little so to figure out the meanings but it was fun to see so many of them.

    2. I would do the scavenger hunt but probably modify it a bit. I would definitely have them work in small groups like we did.

    3. I would say to watch the video on Primary Sources on the first day for sure. I think the copyright video could have been watched the first day too or at least tell the class that most items on the LOC can be downloaded and show movie later. 

  •  I enjoy the pace of the class. I don't feel rushed. I can spend a lot of time looking up a variety of materials with primary resources. I also enjoyed the book given in class. I will spend a lot of time using this in class. I enjoyed working the scavenger hunt and will make a similar one for classes. The video of LOC was also useful too.

    2. I like the ARS. This is a great tool to have. I could have used the ARS numerous times in past years. I will use the ARS for many school projects in the future.  I will also spend some time over the summer exploring NARA- National Archives and Records Administration. I especially like the worksheets offered on this site. I will use the worksheets to study for classes. These worksheets are very handy and exactly what I am looking for when conducting research. Thanks!

  • 1) I liked the continuation of exploration of the LOC.  It has a lot to offer and we were given time to look around and explore the site.  The scavenger hunt was particularly helpful for me.

    2) I could use the ARS I created and perhaps other ARS's posted on the "ning."

    3) The class was very well paced and informative.  It's pretty good the way it is.  One thing to change is to show the LOC intro video at the beginning of the first day.

    Thank you for a great class!!

  • 1.  I liked the scavenger hunt and actually do that with my own students for certain topics/activities.  I feel much more knowledgeable and am better able to locate a VARIETY of information now using LOC.  I need to work a bit more with NARA.

    2.  Much of what we did today and during this class is applicable to my job.  I collaborate with my staff and assist with their lesson development.  When they ask me to locate resources I will be now able to create ARA docs and/or simply create a series of resources based on time/age/etc.  I also am probably the main instructor in our school when it comes to inquiry based instruction and helping our student become skilled at locating answers.  I work throughout the year with Internet evaluation and search skills.  Using LOC and and NARA are two sources of information that I have used as demos of accurate information, but I can now extend this in future lessons with the  knowledge I gained during this class.

    3. I think the video introductions and basic overviews and professional development videos should probably come first.  That first video we saw this morning is the one that they show you as you are waiting to to tour LOC.  It helped me get excited about what we were going to see on the tour.  I will show this to our older students.  Maybe tailor which ones we spend time viewing based on need/grade level/etc. next time - give us a choice.  Otherwise, good course.

  • 1. I liked the modules on using the LOC website and Copyright. As well as the LOC scavenger hunt. All helped me solidify using the website.

    2. While searching the LOC I found America's Story with interactive activities that would be great for Elementary age students to find information on notable Americans, States, and time period. The search is modified to give age appropriate material is general terms. This is located at http://www.americaslibrary.gov

    3. I would have like to have a few minutes to watch another video.

    America's Story from America's Library
    Explore U.S. history using primary sources from the Library of Congress. Kids can discover America’s Story, meet amazing Americans, explore the state…
  • I liked the scavenger hunt.  I would modify it for my students and probably tailor the questions to what we were studying to help them discover new things on the topic.  I liked the political cartoons.  There are so many for 20th century that it will be useful for my class.  It was also very helpful to also learn about NARA.  It is just another resource to use when trying to find things for my class.  

    I would like to see activities that use primary sources.  There are so many great sources out there but it would be helpful to have a toolbox of activity ideas would be helpful.  Otherwise, you may just end up doing the same activity.  

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