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Welcome to the Library of Congress on-line digital collection course for ASDSA 2013. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to your classmates and instructors. Please let us know where and what you teach, and something unique (or interesting) about yourself so we can begin to remember you. 

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  • Hi, I am Heather Beck.  Currently, I teach 8th grade US History at Goldenview Middle School.  This is my 17th year of teaching middle school and my 10th year with ASD.  In the little spare time I have, l love to go running.

  • Hello,

      I am Ann Benfield. I am currently a teacher-librarian for Susitna Elementary School. I teach 22 K-5 classes each week during the school year. I enjoy teaching research for my hour long classes for 4th and 5th grades. I hope this class will assist me in research. I have taken a LOC years ago. I have noticed the LOC site has changed. It is easier to search and offers a wide spectrum of sources.

  • Hello, I'm Christy Wilson. I taught Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade at Fire Lake Elementary before taking leave. I enjoy taking advantage of ASDSA to keep my teaching credentials current and keep informed of the changes and improvements the school district is making during my absence. I have take ANUAH course in the past and found them to provide a great resource in teaching Intermediate grades and beyond. 

  • I'm Karen Toohey.  I am an elementary special education teacher.  I teach any grade K-6.  Next year I will be teaching at Mt. Illiamna.

  • Hi, I'm Karen Toohey.  I am an elementary special education teacher.  I work at Mt. Illiamna, which is a school for students with more challenging behavior problems.

  • Hi. I'm Stephanie Campbell (the other Stephanie - not the one teaching the course) I'm here as the Ning mistress and helper of things technical. 

    Currently I run the ANUAH grant that pays for these courses, but next fall I will be teaching at Russian Jack Elementary. I did learn something new and unusual about myself this year - an MRI showed that I have an extra bone in my foot. My friends and family are currently arguing about whether that means I'm less evolved and perhaps the missing link, or if I'm more evolved than mere mortals. The jury's still out.

    If you have any questions or problems with the Ning, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have a wonderful time in class. 

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