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  • Thanks to all of you for your participation and hard work during the class.  Keith and I appreciate your feedback.  Thanks for taking the class and I am glad you all found things you can use in your classroom. We hope one or more of the activities will be something you can also use in your classroom.  

    Have a great summer!

  • ARS for ASDSA 2013. Loved the class!

    ARS_Christy Wilson.doc

  • ARS-Beck.H

    Please let me know if there is something missing, I am having editing problems on my computer.  Thanks for a great class.

    ARS-Beck H.doc

  • Here is my final project.  Thank you for the opportunity to learn about the LOC!

    ARS Pendleton.docx

  • Final Project finally. Thanks for all the great resources.


  • Stephanie,

     Here is my final ARS project on Abraham's Battle: A Novel Of Gettysburg. I plan to use it next year with 5th grade students in my library literacy class. This lesson gave me many ideas and ways to expand a variety of lessons and subject areas. I spent hours looking at the LOC photos, documents, and music. I was weaving lots of webs while searching on the LOC.

    ARS Benfield LOC Abraham's Battle Library 5th Grade.doc

  • I have uploaded my ARS on Walt Whitman.  I had to do a few different stops and starts with this, as I had several ideas on what focus or approach I wanted to take in completing my ARS, and this is the one I finally settled on.  I work during the summer, as the GED program I am employed at runs year-round, so I had to put in some time over the last week in the evenings to get this finished up.

    ARS_template Lawton. Walt Whitman (1).doc

  • Attached you will find actually two ARS projects I created.  I wanted to learn more about using these resources and create projects I plan on using with my classes/students.  Since I teach across grade levels I went added a few more primary sources to each too.  Good class and I think I have some useful lessons developed for next year:)

    ARS_American Revolution 5th Grade_Audrey Charvat-Drew.doc

    ARS_Alaska Study, Audrey Charvat-Drew.doc

  • Here is my final project.  Thanks for a great class.


  • Here ya go!

    Erickson - ARS.doc

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