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Final Project Exhibition Hall

The Reply Box below should contain details that answer the following questions about your project:  

  • WHO was your target audience?  
  • WHAT was your main learning goal?  
  • COLLABORATORS, if used- who were they, and why were they chosen? 

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  • Title:

    The Women Who Fought Segregation: A Look at Alberta Schneck and Elizabeth Peratrovich


    3-5 grade

    Main Learning Goal:

    Help students to further their understanding of the existence of segregation in Alaska in the early to mid 1900's.

    Final (Alaska Encounters).pdf

  • Alaska Native Legends

    Grades 3-5

    Learn important cultural values of each major AK Native group from legends handed down from generation to generation.

    Lesson Plan Ak Studies.pdf

    Unit Test2.pdf

    Girl Who Married Moon.pdf

  • Lesson Plan Outline: The First Alaskans

    2. Grade range: 2-4th, Target 3rd grade

    Learning Objectives:

    • How did the First Alaskans use the land for their culture and traditional ways of living?
    • The impact of European explorers on the people, resource and the land.
    • How do the First Alaskans work to keep their cultural ideas nad ways of life alive in a changing world and land?
      • Standard A student should understand that history is a record of human experiences that links the past to the present and the future.
        • A student who meets the content standard should:
        • understand that history is a narrative told in many voices and expresses various perspectives of historical experience;
        • know that history is a bridge to understanding groups of people and an individual’s relationship to society; and
        • 9) understand that history is a fundamental connection that unifies all fields of human understanding and endeavor. 

    Lesson Plan Outline- First Alaskans.docx

  • Jim Crow in Alaska

    9th Grade Alaska Studies Class

    Expand students understanding of Jim Crow laws in Alaska past.

    No collaborators. 

    All materials are either uploaded or links can be found within the lesson plan. 

    2LessonPlanAkHistoricalThreads (1).pdf



    • Culture Brokers--Agents of Change
    • 9-12 grades History
    • Learning Goal: Analyze historic documents, including photographs and personal stories to better

    understand the importance of examining past actions as examples of agency

    • Collaborators: None

    Culture Brokers-Agents of Change lesson.docx

    • Assault Weapons Aren’t for Sporting Purposes
    • Grade 12 Journalism 
    • Examine how Natives have utilized mass media to express self-determination

    Assault Weapons Aren't for Sporting Purposes

    • Title: Jim Crow in Alaska and the  Inequality of Today
    • Audience:  9-12th Graders  
    • Main Learning Goal: Analyze Jim Crow laws and the impact it made in Alaska. Using this information, students will interact with their community to explore the impact of inequality today. 
    • COLLABORATORS: none 

    If any of the links are missing or corrupted, here is my google drive.   https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1-01DkuFRUFVUx6V19LbktPR3M

    (the master PDF is at the bottom. I deleted it, thinking I could reupload it.)


    Jim Crow Images.pptx

    Jim Crow in Alaska and The Inequality of Today - Google Drive
  • Title: Alaska's National Parks

    Audience: 9-12 Grade

    Learning Goal: How do Alaska’s national parks demonstrate Alaska’s unique cultures, human history, and natural history?

    Collaborators: None

    Alaska’s National Parks by Eli Barsy.pdf



  • Title of Project: Silver Gold! (an unlimited entry salmon fishing simulation designed to model the tragedy of the commons)

    Target Audience: 9-12 in AK Studies, Biology, Ecology, or Economics

    Main learning goal: My main learning goal is that students will understand the necessity of management of natural resources, and how statehood has allowed Alaska to optimize salmon harvests.

    I am attaching the lesson plan in pdf. The pdf has active links to all resources required for the execution of this unit, unfortunately if I modify anything, the pdf will become obsolete, so I recommend instead of the pdf you  click on this link right here to view in Google Drive.


    Silver Gold Lesson Plans.docx
    Theodore Lindley Encounters in AK Studies Final Project Outline Spring 2016 University of Alaska-Anchorage tad_lindley@lksd.org c 907 545-1686 Title…
  • Title of Project: Religious History of the YK Delta

    Who: 9th-12th grade village students of the YK Delta

    What: Understand the historical religious movement from Shamanism to Russian Orthodoxy/Moravianism in the YK Delta

    Presentation on Shamanism 

    Body Rituals of the Nacirema

    Links to other resources are included in the body of the document.

    Religious History of the YK Delta.docx

    Shamanism A Brief Overview Prepared by Seraphima Carl, Ph.D. For Historical Threads in Alaskan Society Spring, 2016 UAA
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