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This is the class ning page for the Breathing Life into the Constitution for your Classroom class at the ASDSA 2012

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  • Hello all I am Marshall Pickens and I teach at East High School.  My main classes are World History and U.S. History.  I do take time to cover the Constitution.  How much I cover it, unfortunately, depends on the reading level of my students and how much time we have in class.  I have them read it and then we discuss it as a class piece by piece.  throughout the year I then reference back to it for everything from Presidential election debates to Civil War amendments.

  • Welcome Everyone!

    In one of my former lifetimes, I litigated Civil Rights cases and have always explored ways to be able to share my respect and enjoyment of our Constitution with my students.  As we begin to prepare for our class, I would ask you all to share, as fully as you want to, how you use the Constitution in your classes now?  What kinds of lessons or Units make up your teaching of this foundational American document?

    Looking forward to our class!

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