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  • This is Tim Caudill. Sorry for not having posted any earlier. Anyway, I teach 6th grade at Orion Elementary. Took this class to give me more background into the Constitution for our Bill of Rights unit. Really feel I now know much more about the Bill of Rights in regards to how it's been tested within the past 200 years in our court system. , along with how to infuse primary sources into the very short amount of instructional time we've been allotted. I really look forward to using the attached lesson plan this coming school year. After looking at the new curriculum Standards, I need to make sure I'm really challenging my kids with primary source reading and writing projects. In closing, even though I'm somewhat "overwhelmed" with how to teach everything within the year, I'm extremely grateful to ANUAH and Ms. Campbell for organizing these classes within the ASDSA. 

  • HI.
    I am K-12 Art Teacher.
    I am now retired and home educate my 5 children.
    Three have now graduated H.S. and the 2 eldest are now Civil Engineers.
    I took this class as an avid student of the Constitution and want to glean more insights into how Constitutional Law is applied to current events.
    I also want to expose the two students still at home about the political process, the importance of the Rule of Law and how the founders have framed a brilliant framework that has made our country so unique.

  • I am Steve Carroll and I teach 5th grade at Huffman Elementary.  I am taking the class for the brilliant conversation with classmates who are passionate about US history and Tom Rushford's engaging lectures.

  • Hi folks, I put this in the wrong place so I am copying it into this section.

    I am a K-6 librarian at College Gate Elementary in Anchorage where I teach library/media skills.  I don't actually teach about the Constitution but I support the work of my colleagues who do teach about it in pretty traditional ways. Frankly, we need some new ideas because I find the idea of memorizing the  preamble and the amendments chilling. I know this is going to be a great class.   Cheers.

  • My name is Stephanie Anderson. I teach 7th grade World Geography at Begich Middle School. I LOVE Early American History and hope to one day teach 8th grade SS and would like to refresh myself on the Constitution so I can better serve students but also for myself. With the upcoming presidential election in November, I would like to be able to introduce the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Elections to 7th graders prior to the Youth Vote they will be doing.

  • Hello,

    My name is Christopher Wagar and I teach 5th grade as Susitna Elementary School.  I teach the Constitution as an integral part of the panoramic view of U.S. History from early colonization through the Civil War.  Students interact in debate and discussion scenarios that help them to identify with the difficulty of the choices that went into the writing of the constitution. I look forward to learning more about how to make this topic ‘alive’ to my students.

  • Hi,
    I am Judy Morookian, I teach sixth grade at Grace Christian in Anchorage. I am the language arts and social studies half of our team. I spend less time on the Constitution than I would like as our scope for sixth grade is western hemisphere. My students really enjoy learning about a document that is so relative to their everyday life. We spend the bulk of our time on the development of our current system of government and the bill of rights as these are more understandable for sixth graders. I am excited to gain ideas for making this more alive for my students!

  • Hi all,

    I teach 5th Grade at Bayshore Elementary.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are part of our curriculum.  Working with Primary Documents, using the Library of Congress, has been great.  Now, I would like to find other methods to share my enthusiasm with my students.

  • Hello--and I apologize for the late response,

    My name is Pam Witherington. I teach 5th grade at Alpenglow Elementary in Eagle River. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are two of our topics of study in 5th grade along with citizenship. We use our two year old now Social Studies curriculum, as well as, a book by Jean Fritz called Shhh.We are writing the Constitution to build background knowledge mostly I feel as we struggle to get all the way through the Civil War in our 5th grade year. So, yes, I am interested in "breathing life" and enthusiasm to this topic in 5th grade because I think it is important to study the Constitution and be involved in the self-government established by it.

  • Hi,  my name is DeeAnn Apgar and I will be teaching 5th grade this fall at O'Malley Elementary.  I am transferring  from Rogers Park Elementary where I taught 3rd grade.  I have not used the Constitution much beyond introducing a replica and celebrating Constitution day.  I am looking forward to learning ways I can incorporate it into the 5th grade curriculum.

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