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  • Here is my lesson plan for 5th grade on Dred Scott v. Sanford. 

    I am still 'geeking' out on all of the information that was presented and discussed during class.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and couldn't wait to get home and 'bore' my family with everything I learned.  Thank you!


  • Attached is my second lesson plan of a reader's theater of a supreme court case.  The "oyez.org" site is incredible.  I found myself listening to a number of court cases as well as downloading the mp3 files for listening pleasure at a future time.  I enjoyed the audio casts of the oral arguments with the rolling text which identified which chief justice was questioning the presenting attorney. 

    I also enjoyed viewing John Trampush's collection of resources. 

    Thanks for another great class.

    Reader's Theater Supreme Ct Case.doc

  • Attached are 5th grade lessons: What is the U.S. Constitution. Thanks.

    What is the U.S. Constitution?.doc

  • Hello, here is my lesson plan. I am planning on refining it and using it this fall with the addition of having Sandra Day O'Connor there to play "Do I Have a Right?" with one or more of my classes. How COOL is that. Thanks for the class and have a great summer.


    Do I Have a Right?.docx

  • Hi all,
    attached are 5 fifth grade Constitution lessons to be done the week in which Constitution Day falls. Then the Constitution is revisited in 3rd quarter Soc. Studies curriculum.

    I enjoyed the class and the participants.
    Happy Summer,
    Pam      oh wait didn't attach. will try again.

  • Thanks for an excellent class.  I greatly enjoyed the discussion, sharing of ideas, and your personal insight into so many areas of contemporary social studies.  I hope you had a wonderful time in Homer and were able to get in some running. 

    Thanks as well to my classmates for sharing lesson plans.  What a wealth of resources!

    The attached lesson plan set is complete and fairly detailed, I also wanted to share my lesser developed idea which I will leave below.  Thanks again to all!

    Previous Lessons:
    Bill of Rights (2-5 days)
    Court Structure (1 day)
    Role of the Supreme Court/Legal Vocab (1/2 - 1 day)

    Taking on the Supreme Court: Mock Trial

    Summary: In this series of lesson plans, students will “take on” the Supreme Court by arguing an actual court case that may potentially reach the Supreme Court on a future date.  Following a unit on The Bill of Rights, and following after introductory lessons regarding court structure, responsibilities, and legal jargon, students will participate in a mock trial in which they will try an actual case that has the potential to one day be seen at the Supreme Court level.  Each student will play a role in the case as either part of the defense, prosecution, or a Supreme Court Justice.  



    Fight for my rights lesson plan.doc

  • I truly enjoyed your class. Attached is my lesson plan.

    ~Christy Wilson


  • Ok, that attachment did not go, trying again.  Vonda

    Us Constitution .doc

  • Here is my lesson.  Since this is my first year teaching 5th grade I know I will be editing parts of this lesson as I go along.  I would like to work in a case study of the Dred Scott trial when I get to the slavery section.  Not sure how 5th graders will deal with it but it will be learning experience either way.  Have a good summer. Vonda Oswald

  • Tom,

    This was an amazing class, thank you for presenting.  I learned so much and really enjoyed my time with you.  Additionally, I appreciate all of the well knowledged colleagues who participated in the class.  What a blessing to experience your collective expertice. Thanks to each of you for your contribution to my learning.


    The end of my lessons include the idea of a Power Point Jeopardy game that I am still developing.  I will post it later when I complete it if anyone is interested in using it.


    Have a great summer all!!!

    Introducing The US Constitution Lessons.doc

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