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Music / songs for use with the demonstrated dances

Songs for Dances

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  • Does anyone know how we find out our grade?
  • Everyone,

    If you are interested in a video showing clearly the dance steps for a basic minuet take a look at this site.  I wish I had found it when I was making my ARS!!!


  • Back many ages ago when I taught Junior High Social Studies and the internet and powerpoint were just newbies, I did a year long project with my students, using only the 1900s. 

    We did a decade a month, so 1900 - 1910, 1910-1920, 1920-1930, etc. 

    Students were split into groups and rotated to the next topic each month. So Topic #1 was Events of the Decade, Topic #2 was Inventions of the Decade, Topic #3 was Important People of the Decade, etc. If you were in group 1 in September, your group did topic 2 in October for the 1910 - 20 decade, and topic 3 in November for the 1920- 30 decade and so on. By the end of the year, each group did each topic and we'd covered the century.

    The topics were:

    Events, Inventions, People, Media, Music and Dance, Homelife, Kids, and Fashion. Each group had 3 students. I did a slide each time titled "It Cost What?"

    Kids got information, found photos, music clips, learned (and taught) dance steps, cited resources, and used the computer for the project. We put them all together into one ppt and the students shared their information with their classmates as a presentation. 

    Thinking back on it, it was a great project and I hope to do it again some day. 

  • Not sure how accurate this news story is, but here is an article about the history of Bill Bailey:


  • Musical Examples & Sources:

    Native American
               "Dance Song of the Night Chant" -- Navajo People Group -- Listen to Learn by Teri Tibbets (Listening Example)
               "Yakima Welcome Dance" -- Shared by Sanna Longden --- http://www.folkstyle.com/


           "O Magnum Mysterium" -- Giovanni Gabrielli -- iTunes

           " Trouvere Tunes: Rondeau" --- Henry Purcell -- iTunes


           Minuet -- Minuet in G by JS Bach - iTunes

           "Winter" from "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi (Listening Example) - iTunes

    Colonial/Revolutionary War

             "Jefferson & Liberty" -- New England Dance Masters (dancingmasters.com) -- Music: "The Campbells are Coming" ** Can also use any Jig or Reel as Music

             "Chester" by William Billings - iTunes

    Negro Spirituals/Civil War

            "Lancer's Quadrille" - from Traditional Barn Dances w/Calls & Fiddling by Dudley Laufman & Jacqueline Laufman -- Music "Hart's Lancer's Quadrille" **Any Reel will work**

            "Wade in the Water" - Traditional Spiritual -- iTunes (I love the Mahalia Jackson version)

            "Battle Hymn of the Republic" -- Julia Ward Howe -- iTunes

            "Cake Walk" - iTunes (I like the Taj Mahal version "Cake Walk into Town")

    Westward Expansion

           "Jump Jim Joe" - New England Dance Masters (dancingmasters.com)

           "Le Papillion - from Traditional Barn Dances w/Calls & Fiddling by Dudley Laufman & Jacqueline Laufman Music: "Old Man & Woman" **Any reel will work

           **We modified it to become the Turkey Dance -- gobble, gobble**

          "Home on Range" by Brewster Higley -- iTunes

          "Stars & Stripes Forever" (Listening Example) - John Phillip Sousa - iTunes

           "Overture" from "Treeshmonisha"  (Listening Example) by Scott Joplin - iTunes


          "Charleston" - iTunes

          "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey" by Hughie Canon - iTunes

          "It Don't Mean a Thing, if It Ain't Got that Swing"

           "Fox Trot" - iTunes


         "Rock Around the Clock" made famous by Bill Haley and the Comets

         " Jumpin Jack Flash" by the Rolling Stones

        "The Twist" - iTunes


           "Carwash" by Rose Royce

           "Disco" - iTunes


         "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles - iTunes (I also love the Pentatonix version

          "Hip Hop" -- email Gabe Harvey at Underground Dance Company for his specific tunes/dance tips.


  • Here is a great article written by a young lady in the 19020s making an plea to the older generation...http://faculty.pittstate.edu/~knichols/flapperappeal.html

    Timeless and relevant for every age.

  • Our fifth and sixth graders will be learning about slavery and abolition. I could use what I learned today to teach them about what black Americans might have been feeling and the struggles they went through during their suppression of slavery.  Learning about some of their dances, and hearing music from that era would be significant.

  • Dances in the Negro Spirituals and Civil war were interesting. I haven't heard about the Cakewalk dance before, other than the Cake Walk to win a cake. I really like the Lancers Dance, one that I will try in my Social Studies class. I love the song, 'Wade in the Water' I want to try that song with my students. Great songs and dances from this Era.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I think this would be a great addition to World, U.S. and even Ancient History.  It sets up so much of the social aspect of peoples' lives at the time.

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