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  • I've never taken a hip hop lesson before.  Gabe did a good job of breaking down hip hop into the 3 skills he emphasized.  Isolation, exaggeration, and swagger.  It was a good experience and three skills that would benefit students.  I think during this time music became more individual, in the sense that people could have their own portable music player.  Disco and hip hop seem to continue the trend of individual dances that the government did so well at influencing.  I wonder if the government used any kind of (or what kind of) propaganda to discourage dance halls and couples dancing.  I had no idea that clubs in the 90's were closed due to the AIDS scare. 

  • I really liked that we focused on hip hop dancing.  My students really enjoy hip hop music and breaking down different moves to learn would be really fun for them.  I also appreciated Gabe highlighting the importance of "swagger."  I think that is important to teach kids that is ok to take pride in their talents, and things that they are good at, etc.

  • Movement today is all about expression. If we use hip-hop in the classroom we will be able to relate to our students. It is interesting to see where we ended up and how there are still traces of the past in today. I attended a training last week and they talked about this program where you can analyze videos. It would be interesting to analyze a video from years ago and then one from recent times. You can look at them at the exact time and make comparisons. It would be nice to look at the similarities and differences with our students.

    I think it would be fun to look at the fashion trends and analyze music with our students.

  • I"m glad the point was made that Hip Hop is a dance form/style and not just some "gansta style" thing.  I think that is of utmost importance to have this discussion with your students.  Hip Hop is about confidence and attitude aka "pride"  with self expression while performing the moves.  I think society (especially parents perhaps) have completely misunderstood this dance form. 

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