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Please take a moment to introduce yourself to your classmates and your instructors. Tell us a little about your background, what drew you to the position you now hold, and what you are hoping to get from this class.

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  • My name is Jessa Barcus. I am a first year teacher at Kipnuk and I teach special education 7-12. Currently, I am teaching video production and co-teach math and reading 7-12. I am excited to see how I can integrate the material that I learn in this course with the variety of courses that I teach. It will be interesting to see how It can be used to across grade levels.

  • Hi,

    I'm Seraphima Carl, and I teach 7-12 math, K-12 music, and 9-12 social studies at Z.J. Williams in Napaskiak. I got my teaching certificate after I fell in love with Napaskiak; the only way for me to live there was for me to teach there, so now I teach.

    As an art (music) teacher, I am always open to resources that appeal to the more affective side of my students.

  • My name is Becky Spets.  I teach 3rd grade in Bethel.  I've been here 4 years, and love working with the kids.  I didn't go to college until I was a grandma, and I'm finding myself quite slow catching on with using technology.  I may need more guidance, but I'm excited about the challenge.

  • Hello all,

    I am Amelia Savinova and I teach 2nd and 3rd grade English Language Arts at Ayagina'ar Elitnaurvik in Kongiganak, Alaska.  I have been in LKSD for while and a few years back I finished my elementary certification and found my niche.  In this ANUAH class I am hoping to learn more about primary sources and how to find them so I feel more comfortable using them with my little guys.  Further, my students like pictures and learn a lot from them so I want to so more in that genre.  Last semester I attended the music and dance course and I was able to take it right back to my classroom.  We learned American colonial dances and had a blast doing it.  I want to keep jazzing up the classroom and finding more ways to teach that foster engagement.  I am thinking I will not be disappointed!

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