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NHD Yea!


            Thanks for a great class and excellent resources.  I will be working with fifth and second grade students next year and will start our new study with pieces of the NHD.  Although the students aren't old enough to participate, they  will work on studying primary source documents, writing paragraphs and researching their favorite topic in American History.  Ideally, they will exceed the minimum of six paragraphs in their report and include an annotated bibliography!

            I was successful accessing NHD, NCHE and integrating LOC in lesson design.  I will use the  weebly web site to introduce major concepts, and provide a shared source for students to post their research.  One big project for me  will be to find and load the movie software window maker pro for Dell!  Students enjoy this medium tremendously. 

            The technology is doable, but more training and support would be helpful.  The movie component is important for me and for students to master. 

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  • Your flexibility and willingness to incorporate what you can is great.  I love the enthusiasm.  I would recommend that they be introduced to the idea of an annotated bibliography.  Start small, maybe one print source (secondary) and a primary source that's not a book, say a poster, recording, or speech.  Good luck.  Have a great summer.
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