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National History Day

     I teach third grade in a Title One School.  Our population is mostly ELL students.  I plan to implement National History Day in the spring semester of next year after the SBA's.  We will do topics that involve Alaska Native Cultures.  This is the curriculum for third grade Social Studies.  In the fall, the students are really second graders and are learning about sentences, paragraphs, etc.  The concept of research is introduced in the second semester.  I will teach the students the various ways to present research such as paper, exhibit, documentary, performance or web site catagory.  I will also invite judges to judge the projects using the judging criteria.  It will be a competition within my third grade team.

     I learned what National History Day is all about.  I did not realize all of the different ways that the students can present research projects.  I am excited in presenting these ideas to my students and actually guiding the students threw their projects.  It will be a cross curricular project using various media.  I will also ask our librarian for help.

     I have learned how to do all of the projects.  I really enjoyed the performance and the web site catagory.  The various ways will appeal to the different learning styles of the students. 

     I found the technology douable.  I will need to practice and explore the sites.  I will also need to learn iPhoto and iMovie.  I plan to practice this summer.  I would like some more support and training in technology.  That is the one thing we are lacking at our school.  We have the computers and but not the training we need to teach the students technology.

     I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot about National History Day and the technology envolved.  Have a wonderful summer!







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