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National History Day

It was nice to get an up close look at this project.  I really appreciate Elena's dedication to her students and her commitment to National History Day.  The activities in which we participated really gave me a good look into the types of projects the kids would be creating.  That was time well spent.  I particularly enjoyed learning about the Weebly web building site.  This has several potential uses.  The documentaries were also interesting to me.  Although we did not spend a ton of time building our own, it did open my eyes to a use of imovie that I had not thought about.  Whether one chose to do NHD or not, getting students involved in these types of activities will certainly help increase their understanding of history.  


I am not yet sure if I will tackle this next year or not.  I will certainly get my feet wet in some way, probably using some of the principles of NHD but on a smaller scale.  

Todd Rankin

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