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  • Here's part 2 of my ARS.  9.11%20ARS%20pt%202.docx

  • This is part 1 of my final ARS.  I had to break it into two parts since it was over the 5M limit.  One thing I did not show was the poem "I Stood."  Great poem that goes with the Statue of Liberty images.  Another way of linking symbols.  I would eventually like to add a few pieces of music written in response to 9/11 that continue the theme of symbolism and memorial.  9.11%20ARS%20pt%201.docx

  • This is my final ARS about Ron McNair, accidental child hero. I would use the work of Lord Raglan to inform students about the "hero" concept. I think it would make a nice addition/extension to a unit on the American Civil Rights Movement.  Ron%20McNair%20Accidental%20Hero.doc

  • This is a short ARS file on Ruby Bridges, my second accidental child hero of the American Civil Rights Movement.Ruby%20Bridges%20Accidental%20Hero.doc

  • Hi, here is a very short ARS file about Emmett Till, my first accidental hero of the American Civil  Rights Movement.  Cheers.Emmett%20Till%20Accidental%20Hero.doc

  • Hi, here is my lesson plan for Children, Accidental Heroes and the American Civil Rights Movement.  It is a "working" unit for 6th grade.  If you can't open it please let me know.  Cheers, Children%20and%20accidental%20heroes--Civil%20Rights%20Movement.doc



  • Reconstruction%20Civil%20War.docx

    Here is my completed ARS. Please advise me as to whether or not sending the completed ARS document could be read

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The Mirror with a Memory

We believe that images can be used to stir the imagination of our students.  As mentioned in class, this also presents challenges.  After reading the selection, discuss what you feel your role is in selecting images for use in the classroom, how you might go about encouraging your students to look more deeply at evidence before drawing conclusions, and when images do or do not represent primary source material.

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