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UAA 590 ASDSA 11 Lesson Plan #2

UAA History 590 ASDSA 11

Thomas Rushford

Jean Mitchell

Lesson Plan #2



Students will understand the importance of the battle of the Aleutian Islands in World War II.  They will see that the global war came to Alaska.  The students will see the importance of the Japanese occupation of the Aleutians and it’s effect on the history of World War II in Alaska.  They will also see how it affected the Alaska Natives in the Aleutians. 


Materials Needed:

  1. Map of Alaska large pull down map
  2. Alaska desk maps
  3. Book Battle For The Aleutians by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska Region 2011
  4. Projector camera



The teacher will first give background information of World War II and its importance of a global war and the countries involved.  There will be a discussion on how the United States got involved in the war.  The main event was the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor.

The teacher will then do a read aloud of the book Battle For The Aleutians.  There will be guided questions for discussion, using “Turn and Talk” method throughout the book.  There will also be discussion of the many pictures in the story for discussion and explanation.  The use of the projector camera at the end of the reading will help students to see the main pictures better.  They will see that Japanese invasion came to American soil in the Aleutians Islands.  The pictures used in the book are original pictures from the National Archives. 

Today there are still remains of World War II in the Aleutians.  One is the shielded 6-inch gun of Kiska, which was built in 1894.  This is one of the many Japanese World War II artifacts that remain on Kiska battlefield.   

 The students will understand the importance of Alaska in the global war.  The war affected the natives who were relocated from the island. 





Students will be able to locate the Aleutian Islands on a map of Alaska. 

Students will write about Alaska’s role in World War II and it’s importance in the global picture. 



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  • Jean,

    I love this lesson! Have you checked out: Alaska Aleut Evacuation ~ The Untold War Story.? It is a great film available through The Aleut Corporation.

    Thanks for this!

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