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Students will identify various regions within Alaska and describe the physical and cultural characteristics of Alaska.  The students will learn about the Inupiaq Alaskan Native Culture.


Materials Needed 

Book "Eskimo Boy" by Russ Kendall, world map, Alaskan map



1.  The student will view a world map and locate Anchorage, Alaska in reference to the world.  We will discuss the location of Alaska and the importance of its location in the world. 

2.  We will then locate Shishmarif, Alaska.  Discuss it's location in reference to Anchorage.

3.  We will then read and discuss the picture book "Eskimo Boy Life in an Inupiaq Eskimo Village" by Russ Kendall.  The author chronicles a year in the life of a 7 year old Inupiaq boy and his family in Shishmarif, Alaska. We will discuss the seasons and what the family does to get food such as hunting, fishing, trapping, and gathering berries.  There will be a discussion on the differences in their way of life.  We will do a class chart that compares and contrasts life in Shishmarif  and Anchorage.



Students will do a two drawing comparing life in Shishmarif and their life in Anchorage.  They will also write their response.

They will also have a map of Alaska and locate Anchorage and Shishmarif.



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