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Social Studies Themed Rubric Design Workshop

This is the discussion area focused on designing and refining the rubrics used to judge the AK-CSS Social Studies Themed (SST) entries for the ASTE iDidacontest. 

AK-CSS is collaborating with ASTE to have SST prizes in 4 of the ASTE categories:

  • Documentary Video
  • Digital Book
  • Audio/Podcast
  • Short Video

For each of these categories, we must modify the ASTE rubric to incorporate a vision of the additional qualities we would like to see in our prize winning entries.  The degree to which we keep the ASTE rubrics at least recognizably intact corresponds to the degree to which we can work with the regular ASTE judge cohort or have to train our own SST judge cohort as a subset of ASTE Judges...

What are your initial thoughts and questions for consideration?

Here are the current ASTE Rubrics in our categories:

iDidaPodcast Scoring Guide.pdf

iDidaMovie Scoring Guide.pdf

iDidaBook Scoring Guide.pdf

iDidaDoc Scoring Guide.pdf

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