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Along with unique challenges for teaching and learning in Alaska in 2020, perhaps there are also advantages and opportunities now available that we need to be thinking about.  What are they?  And HOW might we bring them to bear in our work?

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  • Local knowledge and expertise. In every community there are people who are willing and able to share what they know. The more people we can pull into our classroom from the community, the more relevant and meaningful our instruction will be. Additionally, which technology we can actuall tap the resources from the entire state. 

  • So much technology and tools are available now.  Teachers and students have thought "outside the box" this last year and while it has been a struggle. There are so many strategies and procedures we need to keep doing and using.  We need to use this past year as an opportunity to increase ways to reach students and teachers.  We can interact, share ideas and see the world in so many ways now.

    • You're right, Michele.  Harvesting the insights gained from this year and building forward from these new strategies and procedures IS something we need to do.  Maybe AK-CSS can make this one of our goals for 2021...

      The question is what concrete steps and what collaborative incentives can we come up with to move this goal forward...?

  • I think the main asset that we need to take advantage of are the powerful set of organizing and collaborating tools now available for teaching and learning.  For the first time in history, the traditional isolation that teachers have had to work in is dissolving for those willing to harness them. 

    The traditional model of education is now being rewritten and TEAMS of teachers working to expand and refine BLENDED learning options for larger cohorts of students (possibly even across districts) is a distinct and exciting possibility now...

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